Is Young Thug Gay?

Whether you like Young Thug or not, there’s no denying he’s an influential character in the world of hip hop. Since he first released I Came From Nothing in June 2011 and I Came From Nothing later the same year, he’s steadily started to become one of the OG’s in the game.

But, there’s one thing that many people can’t get over when they think about Thugger. Is Young Thug gay? Well, the man himself says no and so do the array of women he’s bedded, but you can’t be blamed for thinking otherwise.

An array of the top rappers have either called Young Thug out for being gay or implied this in some way. Though from another perspective, many of the people that call Thugger gay are actually pretty close to the man himself. So, there is the likelihood that those calling him gay really know that he’s not gay. In fact, it’s likely that he’s the opposite of gay giving the amount of lyrics he has about sex with beautiful women.

Now, I’m not saying that it matters whether Young Thug is gay or not – he clearly doesn’t seem to think so – but to some, they can’t shake off this ‘old school hip hop’ mindset. Hip hop should be about selling drugs and gangbanging and shooting people, right?.. Right?

Well, the reality is that Young Thug raps about all that stuff too. A lot. I mean come on, he even called one of the names of his albums to Barter 6 to represent his Blood gangbanging roots (Bloods are famous for changing the letter C to B, in opposition of Crips. Lil Wayne had a series of albums called Carter 1, 2 etc). So, what is it that really makes people so concerned with Young Thug’s sexuality? Well, here’s a few reasons.

Young Thug’s Gay Lyrics

I mean, Young Thug wouldn’t the first rapper to utter some suspected homosexual lyrics. Probably the most infamous lyrics come from one of the GOATs, the Notorious BIG himself where he says;

“Look so good huh, I suck on your daddy’s d***”

I mean, it doesn’t really get any gayer than that, does it? Anyway, the point here is that Young Thug doesn’t rap about being gay at all. Ever. In fact, the majority of his lyrics are actually about being straight and sleeping with as many women as possible. He’s even addressed the rumours about him being gay several times.

I don my swag and I pull up on bitches dressed in all white like Miley Cyrus / No, I’m not gay, I f*** bitches on bitches / I whip out, she suck on my private / Suck it!” Halftime, Barter 6.

Instagram Posts

I mean, this is probably the fuel to the fire that people suspect Young Thug to be gay. Whilst it isn’t illegal to call your supposed gangbanging friend ‘babe’, it isn’t typical either. There’s been several occasions where Thug has referred to his friends as ‘lover’, ‘babe’ and he even referred to Rich Homie Quan as his hubbie once too.

He actually even addresses it in this interview, where he says he doesn’t even manage his Instagram account himself. <em>Trigger Warning: If you don’t want to see someone tweaking off lean, avoid the video below.</em>

His Dress Sense

It seems that Young Thug started a mini trend within the industry, as it’s now more popular for you to see some of the bigger rappers wearing female items of clothing. Probably Thugger’s most infamous picture is the cover title for his album Jeffery released in 2016, in which he dons a full Italian designer dress.


To conclude the article whether Young Thug is gay or not, the likelihood is that no, he’s not gay. It’s likely just an elaborate ruse by himself and his management to help create publicity around himself, and you jave to admit that it really does work.

But, if you take away the quirky exterior, then you’re looking at someone who’s had some of the biggest songs over the past years. Thug has built up a core following due to his nonchalant attitude and eccentricity, spurring many other rappers to follow in his footsteps. From Uzi to NBA Youngboy, Thug has certainly helped pave the way for a newer generation of artists to come forward.

Whether Thug is gay or not, the majority of us couldn’t really care less. I just hope to see him release more and more music in the years to come.

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